Storm Chaser Rain Jacket

 I almost didn’t buy what ended up being my favorite jacket of all time. I was in need of a new cycling jacket after fumbling with some cheapie versions for a few years. I was looking for something with a “Tall” cut and something un-insulated. I didn’t need Gore-Tex necessarily, but I wanted something better than a non-breathable plastic coat. The Nashbar jacket I received in the mail one day, even though it was billed as having an extra long cut in back, was woefully short. Back it went and I continued on my search. What about LL Bean I thought? Enter the Storm Chaser Rain Jacket 

           I’m tall. It enables me to see above crowds at a parade. That’s a nice thing. The downside is the fact that unless I have a shirt or coat that is a “Tall” the sleeves are too short and the tail is never long enough to stay tucked in or to cover a draft on a chilly day. The fact that LL Bean gloriously offers virtually all of their clothing line with the “Tall” option has made me look to them first when I need some upper body clothing.  

          The size options are one reason I look at LL Bean, but beyond that the item needs to be of quality construction. My Storm Chaser is made in Bangladesh. Now I’m not sure if it’s because LL Bean pays their overseas workers $1 a day compared to some other company paying a $1 a week, but these items are well made.
          The coat itself is constructed of waterproof TEK2.5® nylon fabric. This jacket gets use from me on cool autumn afternoons, blistery winter evenings and soggy spring mornings. It is just as much a perfect complement to a heavy fleece pullover, as a long sleeve T-shirt. I’ve worn it to church, work, soccer games and the grocery store. Oh yeah, it’s also a perfect jacket to wear when you ride your bike, slide down the slopes on your snowboard or take a hike in the woods.
          Five years after its purchase and the Storm Chaser is still going strong. It has a few stains on the sleeves here and there but the zippers are solid and not a snag can be found. At some point I’m sure it will wear out and I will need to replace it. I won’t look anywhere else but LL Bean and neither should you. Get yours for just under a $100.