Yakima Hullraiser V Yakima Foam Block System

When I picked up my Pungo I showed up prepared and equipped with a set of the Yakima Hullraisers. I picked them up at my local REI for under $100 because it was a floor model. It is as solid a piece of Yakima equipment as I’ve ever owned. There isnt even a need to tie off at the bow and stern if you arent going terribly far because the boat is just so secure.

Well…when we picked up the wifes kayak last weekend instead of shelling out a hundred plus smackers for the Hullraiser I figured I would opt for the Yakima foam blocks. I figured for $40 it was all that I needed. The wifes kayak is super light (28lbs) and again, it wont be travelling super long distances.

Two broken straps later I realize what a freaking total waste of money the foam block set up really is. I snapped one strap on the way to the river and I snapped a second one on the way home. I did remember reading about the cheap bow/stern straps that came with the Hullraiser and how people were complaining. I thought to myself…how can a strap be cheap? I always use ratchet straps to tie off in front and back anyway so it really wasnt a big deal. Only I hadnt been able to pick up the rachet straps yet and was forced to use the Yakima straps for the single trip to the river. Its a good thing that I always bring along extra rope.

Now, I did see a few J style carriers on eBay for $50 including shipping. I’m sure they arent of the same quality as my Hullraiser but I’m damn sure they are better than the Yakima foam block system for basically the same price. I will be purchasing one of these knockoff carriers in the coming weeks and will keep you posted.

Hullraisers 4¬†happy faces out of 5 (I’m assuming the bow/stern straps are also prone to break)

Yakima Foam Block System 1 bitter face out of 5

Oh yeah,¬†I forgot…not only did the straps break but I also managed to pull an “S” hook out of shape. WTF? Is this made out of tin foil?