Dirty Dozen 2016

The Dirty Dozen is on the list.

No, I’m not referring to a “best of” list of war movies with the most badass actors. I’m referring to the annual bicycle race up Pittsburgh’s 13 steepest hills. And it’s on my list of things to get ready for in the coming year.

As a very young man I used to occasionally ride my trusty Panasonic up Logan (this is hill number 5) and I always found it to be a bear – even when I weighed 90 pounds less than I do now. So what in the wide world of sports makes me want to even thing about riding it as a 50 year old?




Let me just say that if it’s not this year then it probably won’t be any year. And I can’t think of a better 50th birthday present from myself than getting in the shape required to complete it.

I’ll keep you posted regarding my progress.

Some pictures from the 34th annual event.


ddmap            elevation_profile










Lastly, the organizer of this fantastic event is local cycling legend Danny Chew. He is a two time former winner of RAAM. This past September while on a ride in Ohio Danny suffered a catastrophic injury after a crash where he simply veered off the road. He is looking at completing the remainder of his quest for a million miles on a hand cycle.

I had the pleasure of meeting Danny back in 2007. I invited him for a ride and he graciously accepted. I was anxious to create some quality bicycling related content for my new website and he agreed to ride with me. It was when he showed up at my house on his bicycle that I realized he didn’t own a car. It was a great afternoon of cycling in the Irwin area, including a nice ride up the very, very steep Dianthus. When we got up top he said something to the effect of “That’s a nice one. It would qualify for the Dirty Dozen.” Afterwards Dan described how he logged all of his rides and our ride would appear with either blue or red ink (I can’t remember which) which denoted a first time ride with someone. Unfortunately I never got that second ride in with him.

He could use all of the help he can get financially speaking. Look him up online and give if you can. Everything helps.